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Naming Ceremonies

You can have the ceremony you want - whatever that is. 

It can be in a formal venue, at your own home, in a field or anywhere that pleases you!

Your Personal Naming Ceremony

A Naming ceremony is a joyous celebration - a gathering  of friends and family to celebrate your child’s birth 

or to welcome adopted children or stepchildren

into your family and the wider community.

On this very personal and meaningful occasion you can welcome your child or children into the world

with a ceremony that respects your family’s spiritual, religious or cultural background.


As parents you can state your love and commitment to supporting your child as they grow and mature and you may want to declare your hopes for their future. Guiding Adults or Godparents, siblings grandparents and great grandparents can all make their own pledges

in a joint celebration.

You may wish to wait till your child’s first birthday to celebrate with family and new friends. This is a great opportunity to select guiding adults and to name your child in a joint celebration. 

parents holding baby.jpeg

Blended Families

When your remarriage includes children from previous relationships, blending families can take adjustment. A naming ceremony can help reinforce the bonds of the new family.

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How I can help you

My role as Celebrant is to help you design a personal ceremony including as many poems, readings, songs and music as you desire - and I have many to choose from!


Together we will create your unique ceremony to reflect your beliefs and values including any personal touches you desire.

On the day I will lead the ceremony so you can relax completely and enjoy this happy event.


The ceremony usually takes 20 to 30 minutes depending on how much you include.

Although Naming Ceremonies don't have any legal status    I will present you with a naming certificate and a printed record of the ceremony as a reminder of the day. 


if it suits you everyone can present special naming gifts and you can light a personalised candle which you keep to remember this joyful occasion.

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