The significant events of life - all the way from baby namings, through weddings and renewal of vows to funerals and life celebrations deserve to be marked with a well thought out and planned ceremony.

Coronavirus: Due to the current restrictions on travel and attendence at funerals I am happy to meet with you online to plan a service and then lead it from my own home whilst you sit in the comfort and safety of your homes.

Please get in touch if you think I can help you in this way.

You can have a meaningful and personal ceremony whether that is for a wedding or handfasting, vow renewal, baby naming or house blessing a funeral, memorial service or life celebration. 

How will your ceremony be better when you use a celebrant?

A Celebrant is dedicated to working with you professionally to create a personal and meaningful ceremony to suit you and your family. We can include the words, music and rituals which you love and which reflect your beliefs and values. 

There is no need to use conventional or established rituals unless that's what you want. You can have as much, or as little, religious and spiritual content as you like in your ceremony.

You will have the opportunity to share in the creation of your ceremony so it will reflect your personality and beliefs. You are free to choose the time, the place and the content that have real meaning for you.